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How to pick your dream wedding photographer

You’re going to spend days, weeks, months and even over a year planning your dream wedding. You’ve debated with your mother the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, looked for the perfect flowers for your bouquet and cried with your best girlfriends when you found your dream dress. But when it’s all over, the food and cake eaten, the flowers dried out and the dress carefully put away, what’s left? Your husband and your photos. You want to find a photographer to capture all that and more but where do you even start? What do you look for? Here’s some questions to keep in mind when you’re looking for your wedding photographer!

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You're Engaged! But Now What?!

You’ve just said YES to forever with your best friend. CONGRATS! You’ve popped the bubbly, posted a ring selfie on Instagram and immediately started scrolling on Pinterest for wedding inspiration. But once the congrats have been said and you find yourself at your job staring at that gorgeous rock on your finger, all of a sudden it hits you: what do I do now?! I get it, I’ve planned a wedding and I’ve helped brides plan their weddings! Here are some key things to do after you get engaged!

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