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Why I Include a Second Photographer

Batman & Robin, Macaroni & Cheese, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner, Margaritas & Tacos… Unstoppable duos that make everything better. Just like your wedding photographer and their second photographer!

There’s a reason why the above duos are amazing and that’s because when they’re both together, magic happens and things automatically become a more fun and enjoyable experience. I always include a second photographer in my Wedding Experience for several different reasons that only turn out for the better for my couples! Here are a handful of reasons why I ALWAYS include a second photographer!

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Best Locations in Richmond VA for Your Engagement Session

Hey you’re ENGAGED now! It’s time to take your engagement portraits and you’ve hit Pinterest so now you’ve got an idea of your outfit, you know what date, but what location?! Richmond is an incredible city for engagement session locations because it’s so diverse! There’s gorgeous nature locations, urban scenes and even both together! Richmond is right on the James River so when you add nature AND city, you can get magic. Here are 5 of my favorite places in Richmond, Virginia for engagement sessions! 

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First Look: For Dads and Daughters

There are so many special moments throughout the big day and capturing them all is a real joy. Some are traditional, like that great shot of the cake being cut or the bride tossing her bouquet, others are more of a modern addition to wedding day photography that I am completely loving!One of these is the Daddy and daughter first look. These are so beautiful and emotional; they really are precious. I was a big Daddy’s girl when I was younger and I know many of my bride’s fathers adore their baby girls and this is such a special moment for you both.

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Bride's Checklist for Gorgeous Bridal Details

I just LOVE shooting detail photos at the beginning of the wedding day. I consider it my warm up time and helps me get the creative thinking going right away! And you know what, it’s not something everyone expects to see. However, I do find that oftentimes, I have to hunt down all the bridal details or find that something has been forgotten! You want to collect up those beautiful details that you dream of having in your wedding album before everything gets a little crazy. Here’s a bridal detail checklist to help gather everything for picture perfect detail photos!

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