Why I Include a Second Photographer

Batman & Robin, Macaroni & Cheese, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner, Margaritas & Tacos… Unstoppable duos that make everything better. Just like your wedding photographer and their second photographer!

There’s a reason why the above duos are amazing and that’s because when they’re both together, magic happens and things automatically become a more fun and enjoyable experience. I always include a second photographer in my Wedding Experience for several different reasons that only turn out for the better for my couples! Here are a handful of reasons why I ALWAYS include a second photographer!

1 They capture a different Point of View

For weddings, I’m able to capture so many different things but I’m only one person. The magic of having a second photographer is being able to capture the moment in a different point of view. For the wedding ceremony, I love being able to capture the look on the groom’s face as he sees his bride walking down the aisle towards him or at their First Look. My second photographer is focusing on the bride as she walks up and seeing her joyful expression as she’s walking up to meet the man of her dreams. This moment alone, is one of the major reasons why I love having a second photographer with me.

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2 They’re able to get creative shots

I love being creative at weddings and finding unique ways to make a portrait more interesting with different angles, backgrounds and more. But as a lead photographer, my priority is getting the MUST HAVE shots while being mindful of the timeline. Especially when a timeline is crunched, my essentials are getting those dreamy portraits of you together as quickly as we can. My second photographer is able to move around and find and create those fun creative shots by hiding in a bush or focusing on little details while I’m shooting the big picture, capturing a quiet moment of your mom brushing tears away while you say your vows.

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3 Professional Dress Fluffers, Bustle Fixers, and List Checkers

A wedding photographer is not just a photographer. We’re also professional dress fluffers, golf cart drivers, knowers of all kinds of bustles, and excellent at checking timelines and family shot lists. My second photographers are such a huge help to me as we’re shooting because they run and do those little fixes whenver it’s needed. Your dress needs to be fluffed before I take the shot? They got it. Need a bottle of water? She’s already got two for you and the groom. Bridesmaids can’t figure out the bustle? No worries, we’ve fixed 20+ bustles and we can do this one too! We want to get a veil shot? She’s ready to toss it, hold it, angle it anyway I need to get the shot! And my favorite and best part, helping me wrangle all the family members for family portraits and crossing it off the list so we finish up family portraits smoothly, efficiently and quickly!

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4 Teamwork makes the dream work

On a wedding day, almost always, the bride and groom are getting ready in separate places. I stay with the girls, capturing the bridal details and the girls getting ready. My second photographer typically goes to see the guys and captures their getting ready and the groomsmen portraits! This way, two things get done at the same time: both parties’ getting ready and detail photos! And while I’m taking photos of reception decor, they might be grabbing cocktail hour and guests mingling. Grabbing photos of the processional at the wedding while I’m walking with you both to a quiet place away from the ceremony to get ready for family portraits. We’re a team and things are a lot more efficient if there are two photographers.

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5 You get MORE portraits!

Since there’s more points of view, more of those gorgeous details and moments, you get a bigger wedding gallery than you would if you only had one photographer. I take at least over a THOUSAND images on a typical 8 hour wedding day. My second shooters come in close from 500-1000 images, depending on the timeline of the day. After getting rid of duplicates and unusable images, an average wedding gallery is still bigger than me shooting solo. With two different cameras during portraits and capturing important moments during the ceremony, dancing, toasts and first looks, there’s more images to love.

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6 They’re fun AND professional

I choose my second photographers based on their talent, professionalism and how well we get along! I regularly use the same handful of second shooters for the same reasons: First, I LOVE them and we work so well together!! Because all my second photographers have weddings of their own, they already know what needs to be captured, what situations require attention, how to go with the flow when a timeline goes out the window and how to keep it organized and together when we’re crunched for time and how to serve myself AND my couples well. There’s just something amazing when I shoot with my second photographers and my couples all enjoy the brief time they get to know them too. It really is a team effort and I love having them to work with!

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So that’s why I always include a second photographer with The Wedding Experience! It’s something I began to include in my packages in 2018 and it’s been one of the best things I’ve added to only enhance the MJMP Bride Experience. Check out the blog to see more of all those creative shots, groomsmen portraits and the little moments that seconds can capture ;)

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