Bride's Checklist for Gorgeous Bridal Details

I just LOVE shooting detail photos at the beginning of the wedding day. I consider it my warm up time and helps me get the creative thinking going right away! And you know what, it’s not something everyone expects to see. However, I do find that oftentimes, I have to hunt down all the bridal details or find that something has been forgotten! You want to collect up those beautiful details that you dream of having in your wedding album before everything gets a little crazy. Here’s a bridal detail checklist to help gather everything for picture perfect detail photos!


Now as you know, I LOVE shoes! I’m guessing you’ve bought some beautiful shoes to go with that beautiful dress, am I right? Why wouldn’t you want to show them off? It can be difficult once you are all dressed up in your loveliness, to get a glimpse of your footwear so I like to take a few styled snaps beforehand. So, girl, whether they are chic peep toes, cute ballet flats or pretty pumps, let me shoot those shoes!

MJMP Richmond Wedding Photographer Bridal Details photo_0008.jpg


We know you will smell AMAZING, but I love getting shots of those little simple everyday items. There is something special about a detail shot of a pretty bottle of perfume, whether it’s a unique one just picked out for your day, or your signature scent! Captured together with an elegantly placed silk ribbon, or even alongside your favorite pearls.

JEWELRY (including ALL three rings!)

The best man usually keeps the bride’s wedding band, but I love to take detail photos with all three rings! Carefully placed and captured close up, make sure they are clean! Don’t worry, once details are done, and we meet up after the first look (if you’re having one!) the ring can go back to the best man for safekeeping until the ceremony! I promise, I’ll take extra care of it!

For all your other jewelry, let me capture that sparkle! Will you be wearing a tiara? A pretty hair slide? It will all look gorgeous styled together. Don’t forget the garter, if you are having one! It’s all in the details remember.

MJMP Richmond Wedding Photographer Bridal Details photo_0013.jpg


If you are having a veil, I’ll be taking some shots, especially if there is a pretty tiara or clip to fasten it. The veil is also a fabulous addition to the other details, and it can really soften the shot. Just picture your veil, draped as a pretty and delicate backdrop to your shoes and jewelry, tying all elements together. BEAUTIFUL!


I love capturing this! Carefully laid out, possibly against your veil once again. Oftentimes, your invitation suite will have taken a lot of planning and creativity, not to mention the cost! You are going to definitely want some pictures to look back on them. Most elements include an invitation, envelope, rsvp, maybe a save the date etc.

MJMP Richmond Wedding Photographer Bridal Details photo_0010.jpg


Photographs taken with these will capture your special day for years to come. Having items from the people that mean most to you amongst your beautiful bridal things can make the pictures even more meaningful.  Items such as a family bible, grandma’s handkerchief, mom’s pearls, maybe a love letter from your husband to be, anything to make those photographs even more special.


Please, please have the florist deliver your bouquet to your bridal suite before I arrive so once I get there, I can incorporate those beautiful florals! One of my favorite details to photograph is the bridal bouquet, such stunning and colorful creations. In addition to your bridal bouquet, a great idea would be to see if your florist would include some separate spare florals, greenery and petals to add into the styling. Don’t forget those boutonnières! They are just as important and a wonderful addition to all these little details.

MJMP Richmond Wedding Photographer Bridal Details photo_0011.jpg


The star of the show! This is my ULTIMATE favorite thing to photograph. Now, don’t worry, I’ll take care of this precious baby while I’m styling and shooting it. If you could bring a nice, fancy hanger for your beautiful dress, that would be a great bonus, but don’t worry if not, I am an EXPERT at finding wooden hangers! I’ll not only be shooting this gorgeous gown on its own, but I will be placing the shoes and veil with it to get the whole STUNNING ensemble!

MJMP Richmond Wedding Photographer Bridal Details photo_0012.jpg

These are just some of the extra special details of your day that I can capture before you get completely ready. Having photographs of these brings a lovely, whimsical feel to your memories that I hope you will look back at fondly, well into the future. You’ll love having these detail photos in your wedding album. Happy wedding day beautiful!

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