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Matthew & Gricelda - A Henricus Park and Boathouse Sunday Park Wedding

Gricelda and Matthew had a beautiful intimate wedding at Henricus Historical Park and their reception at the Boathouse at Sunday Park. The weather, as usual, had us worried because it was due for rain right during their wedding! I went and packed my clear umbrellas, Hunter rain boots, and my rainy day essentials and… the rain never came!!! We were so excited that the rain decided to hold off and we had a BEAUTIFUL wedding day!

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Bride's Checklist for Gorgeous Bridal Details

I just LOVE shooting detail photos at the beginning of the wedding day. I consider it my warm up time and helps me get the creative thinking going right away! And you know what, it’s not something everyone expects to see. However, I do find that oftentimes, I have to hunt down all the bridal details or find that something has been forgotten! You want to collect up those beautiful details that you dream of having in your wedding album before everything gets a little crazy. Here’s a bridal detail checklist to help gather everything for picture perfect detail photos!

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John & Shannan - A Jefferson Memorial Cherry Blossom Engagement

This has been one of the most fun engagement sessions I’ve ever done not just because it was at the Jefferson Memorial during Cherry Blossom season (but let’s be honest, it’s a big reason it was so fun!) but it was because I loved hanging out with this couple! I got to virtually meet Shannan and John over FaceTime when we were talking all about wedding photography and it was such a joy meeting them in person!!

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5 Wedding Day Essentials for Photographers

Wedding days are some of my favorite days EVER. I love seeing all my brides’ hard work come together, meeting my couples’ sweet family and friends is so fun, and I really love celebrating a new marriage. But wedding days are also a LOT of hard work and a lot of things happening. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed at my first few weddings and realizing that I could really use this thing or that or another! I’d come to learn right away that some things are ESSENTIALS for me on wedding days and I’m not talking the obvious like your camera gear and extra batteries.

So here is my top 5 list of wedding day ESSENTIALS for Photographers!

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