Rob & Lauren - A Summer Deep Run Park Engagement

The weather was perfect and there was a soft breeze as I met Rob and Lauren at Deep Run Park for their summer engagement session. I loved meeting these two and being able to talk with them and spend some time on a Sunday morning with this adorable couple!

It was my first time going to Deep Run but Lauren and Rob were no strangers to it, with Rob often jogging around the park in the mornings so when I spotted a pretty walkway across the lake that I had missed before, Rob was able to lead us right there. It was so green and it just reminded me of why I enjoy spring and summer engagements too!

We talked a lot and laughed even more! Rob and Lauren have such an easy way with each other and they were always smiling and goofing around with each other. It makes me so excited for their wedding at St. Martin's Episcopal Church this November! But until November (come on fall!!!), here are some of my favorites from their sweet summer engagement session.