Biggest Instagram Lesson

When I first got into this industry, I was immediately swept into the social media game that comes along with it.  

You have to post your work and think of witty captions. Post everyday. Post twice a day. Hashtag it all up. Have a pretty and curated feed. People aren’t interested in who you are, they only care about your work.  

THAT was the number one biggest lie. But at first, I really thought that! I thought nobody really wanted to see me and they only wanted to see my work. I mean after all, they’re looking for the perfect photographer for them and they want to see your work! Which is true but the huge misconception is that they don’t care about you as a person. That your life is boring so why post it? 

Jenna Kutcher has said so many times before to put YOURSELF out there. That YOU are your brand, people want to see YOU.  

“But why would they want to see me? I have a quiet life, not glamorous or exciting at all” 

That’s what I told myself. But I followed Jenna’s advice after listening to a few episodes of her podcast, I mean, what else do I have to lose? I’d post more photos of me and share more personal life than just pretty wedding photos and witty captions. I kept that in mind and shared more of me on my Instagram throughout the year in this year long experiment. So at the end of 2018, I looked at my most popular posts. And guess what?

All but ONE were of ME. The posts that had the most interaction and engagement were the ones of me. 


That right there showed me that my followers DO care about seeing who I am as a person, that it is so important to share who you are and not just the pretty pictures. They want to know who you are behind the camera. They know you can take the most amazing and incredible images but who really are you?

Put yourself out there, they want to know what makes you YOU. “But what if I have a boring life, and nothing to post?“ Girl. You have SO many things to post about! There are so many connection points you can make with your audience.

What’s your favorite TV show? Mine is Game of Thrones, I’m basically counting down the days until April and I’ve been marathoning it since last month. Not everyone watches it but some people do and they message me saying “YES I’VE BEEN WAITING TOO!!!“ If you don’t want to talk about your fave tv show, talk about your marriage, your kids, your pets. Chances are, people will connect with the mom struggle of drinking cold coffee because you’ve had to take care of your kids first and lost track of time and lost track of where you set down your coffee. Or that you really love yoga pants but they’ve never been to a yoga class ever. Or that you’re not a morning person. Or that you love Chick-Fil-A (I mean, who doesn’t?!) People will connect with you if you post more of you, things that make you happy and things you love!

Don’t feel the pressure to have a perfectly curated Instagram or feel like you can’t share things that you love just because it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of your social media feed. Give it a try, I promise people want to connect with you. They care more about who you are than your portfolio. You are more than just pretty photos. You are more than your portfolio. You are wonderfully you and people want to see more of that.

So give it a try, most a photo of you or something you love and see what happens. I don’t hide behind the screen like I used to anymore and I hope you feel encouraged to get out there more! Remember friend, you got this and I’m here to cheer you on!

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