First Look: For Dads and Daughters

Hi there, beautiful bride to be!

There are so many special moments throughout the big day and capturing them all is a real joy. Some are traditional, like that great shot of the cake being cut or the bride tossing her bouquet, others are more of a modern addition to wedding day photography that I am completely loving!

First looks are amongst these. Nowadays, couples choose to share a first look together, seeing each other for the first time, away from everyone and everything else before the wedding itself. It can be a truly heart rending, breath-taking moment, full of love and emotion.

A similar moment however, that truly makes my heart sing, is the Daddy and daughter first look. These are so beautiful and emotional; they really are precious. I was a big Daddy’s girl when I was younger and I know many of my bride’s fathers adore their baby girls and this is such a special moment for you both.

Just imagine it now, you fit the final touches to your dress, add a couple of swipes of mascara, take a deep breath and walk out of your bridal suite. There stands your Dad, waiting to escort you to your first look with your groom or to your ceremony. The look of wonder and pride and raw emotion on his face is priceless as he sees you in all your loveliness. He sweeps you up in a hug, and suddenly, you are his little girl again.  

Capturing this beautiful moment will be one of the best decisions you will make. It is a moment you will surely cherish forever and especially when you see it in your wedding album for years to come. Your Dad is the first man to have ever loved you and now he is lovingly entrusting you to your soon to be husband. Emotions will be running high. He will be sad for a moment, for times gone by, when you were still his little girl, all those memories of you growing up and now you are about to become a wife and leaving him behind but also astoundingly happy for you of course and so, so very proud of his beautiful, grown up daughter who is about to take this wonderful journey.

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Having a Dad and daughter first look is a great chance to have some alone time with each other, just to breathe and gather your thoughts. This is a great time to try and steady those nerves! After the emotional shots have taken place, just take a few minutes to enjoy the peace and absorb the moment. It will probably be the only period of quiet you get in the entire day!


There are bound to be tears here and more than likely, words of encouragement. Sentimental memories and last-minute words of wisdom, making this moment even more poignant. Try not to let things get too deep, you don’t want your gorgeous make-up to run!


There are many ways to do a first look between you and your Dad. There could be a ‘great reveal’ like in my example above where you walk out of your bridal suite to him waiting there, he could be coming to meet you or vice versa. There are also photographs where he could be presenting you with your bouquet or fixing the pin in your hair. Capturing you, fixing his boutonniere could be a touching photograph too.

Of course, there will be many lovely photographs of moments between you and your father throughout the day. Walking you down the aisle, giving you away, the Dad and daughter dance at your reception. But that first, tender moment before all the craziness begins? That’s one of the most special moments of your wedding day.

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