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Madeline & Wyatt - Mommy and Me

I got to spend time with this gorgeous mama and her sweet little one the other day! It was such a beautiful day and I was so excited to see that the bushes had bloomed with these beautiful pink flowers. Springtime is so much fun (as long as you take a Claritin for us allergy sufferers!)

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Kate & Ethan – Mommy and Me

On Thursday, I got to hang out with Kate and her little guy, Ethan for a quick session! I asked Kate earlier during the week if she'd like to model for me and I was sooooo excited when she said yes! I'd known Kate for years after she was my engagement photographer and I looked up to her so much from the beginning of my photography journey. She was (and still is!) so talented, friendly and the kind of photographer I aspired to be. Seriously, she's awesome.

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