Brett & Cindy - A Boathouse at Sunday Park Wedding

Throughout life, Cindy and Brett’s paths had been close but hadn’t crossed. They both were from the same area, even went to the same middle school, they had mutual friends in common growing up but their paths never crossed. Until they met on the football field at JMU when they both were in marching band. Cindy said she had a huge crush on him seeing him across the field and soon a mutual friend introduced them to each other and… here we are!

Their wedding was so much fun and filled with all the emotion. It’s not special just because they’re amazingly adorable and had a beautiful wedding but because I’ve known Cindy for almost 10 years!! She was my high school colorguard captain and one of my friends when we were in high school and we’ve both grown up so much together from being in Manchester High School’s colorguard to myself married with a baby and now Cindy marrying her best friend!

I almost cried like 10 times during her wedding, it’s totally fine.

So it was such an incredible honor and joy to be her photographer for her wedding day. I couldn’t be more thankful and this wedding has such a special place in my heart. Love you both Cindy and Brett!

Here’s some highlights from their beautiful wedding at St Gabriel’s and their Boathouse at Sunday Park brunch reception!

Cindy had alllll the gorgeous heirlooms including this handkerchief which had so much meaning in it. Her family has passed this down from her grandmother to her mom to now, Cindy. Each bride’s name and her wedding date is embroidered on a corner and it was such a sweet heirloom to carry with her on her wedding day.

Margaret, her mom and Dorothy, her grandmother

Congrats Cindy and Brett, you two are both so amazing for each other and it makes my heart so happy to see you both enter marriage together. So thankful for you both and I can’t wait to share more!

Check out their Virginia State Capitol engagement session here!

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