Behind the Scenes 2018

Now time for the fun behind the scenes post! I always love these because it’s just so fun to take a peek at what really happens on a wedding day! Social media is always pretty pretty pictures but not so much the work, laughs and bloopers that went behind those gorgeous portraits! So, without further adieu, here’s some behind the scenes at MJ Mendoza Photography in 2018!

Being a wedding photographer means: keeping the bride cool by fanning her dress. Standing on chairs to get the best reception dancing views.

What being Monica means: accidentally wearing black pants on a warm Virginia summer wedding day. Whoops…

The behind the scenes shots above were taken by Alina Thomas Photography and I loved getting to second shoot for her for this gorgeous summer wedding! Fun fact: I would end up back at this very same venue later that summer for an educational event!

Behind the scenes and the photo I was actually taking! Swoooooooning over here!

Sometimes (a lot of times) I show the poses by doing them myself! “Just drop your bouquet and turn to your side kinda like this. This is going to look AMAZING, trust me!“ “Now everyone, we can throw our hands and bouquets up because we’re going to go WOOHOO!“

And all of a sudden, the ceremony starts and you don’t have time to put your lens back into your camera bag so you tuck it in your arm and hope it stays put!

I don’t always wear a fannypack, but when I do, it’s on wedding days. And as skeptical as I was at first (because who in the world wears a fanny pack anymore?!) this has become my favorite because I tuck one of my lenses in there, I can tuck your iPhone into it, always got a copy of the timeline, extra memory cards and batteries… I’m #teamfannypack now. But ONLY on wedding days ;)

This was just a small glimpse of behind the scenes on a wedding day! I love this job so much, it’s really so exhilarating and fun on wedding days, taking in all the chaos and taking it in stride. I’ll be with my brides dancing, I’ll request a song that’ll really get people to dance (and it’s usually Backstreet Boys), joke and laugh with my couples, celebrate with the families and shed tears during the dances. 2018 was so good to me and I cannot wait to see all that 2019 holds!