Adventuring: Mount Vernon & National Zoo

Vicente and I started dating officially, in Japan. He had flown me out to where he was stationed in Japan to visit him for two weeks and he showed me so many amazing beautiful places in Japan that haven’t yet been topped. He and I both love traveling and seeing new places and experiences. We went to Washington DC together, we explored North Dakota, road tripped from North Dakota all the way home to our hometown in Virginia stopping in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. We went to New York City Spring 2017, and that was our last getaway together since I was at the time, just a couple months pregnant with Luca.

So for my 25th birthday, Vicente told me that he was taking us to Mount Vernon for a few days. He had thought of what would be fun that I’d enjoy and all of us would enjoy and he found the National Treasure tour at Mount Vernon! National Treasure is my favorite movie (I can probably recite every line by memory at this point) and he knew how much I loved historical places and things. So we found a good weekend to go, booked the hotel, and off we went!

We’d both never been to Mount Vernon before so I was pretty excited to see it for the first time and I was really excited because it was Luca’s first getaway! As unimpressed as he looked, I know he had a lot of fun and his most fun was probably sleeping in the same room as Mama and Daddy keeping all of us awake throughout the night haha!

After our day at Mount Vernon, we decided to visit the National Zoo in Washington DC so Luca (and us, let’s be real) could see all the animals! We may have went on the hottest day of the year so far but it was so much fun and I loved seeing Luca point at all the different animals.

But here are some highlights of our trip!

Mr. Too Cool for School

Richmond Wedding Photographer Mount Vernon Washington DC Trip_0005.jpg

My husband rocks the #dadlife. His mini-me, diaper bag with a juice box sticking out the side pocket and planning the best trips for our little fam bam. Hubby’s da best, love you babe! And shout out for taking the photos of Luca with the animals so I can let myself cool off after carrying him in the Ergo haha!

His face may not look like it, but he actually loves seeing the animals haha!

Quick nap and a cheese and cracker snack before touring the inside of Mount Vernon!

And that was it for Mount Vernon!

After a night of slightly better sleep, we got up, grabbed breakfast and headed to Washington DC for the National Zoo! We both were wondering how Luca would do on the metro, if he would be scared and cry but I’m so proud of Luca, he was such a trooper and so brave! He didn’t cry once, he didn’t even look scared. Mostly just confused but he held on tight to my arm and hit the window with his other hand as we passed by different stations. Yay Luca!

Richmond Wedding Photographer Mount Vernon Washington DC Trip_0019.jpg

And again, Mr. Too Cool for School heading out for the day.

He wasn’t too sure about the carousel…

Dear Mama standing outside the carousel, THANK YOU for playing peek a boo with Luca and making him laugh because this child was not amused sitting on this eagle. You are the best and the world needs more people like you willing to make a less than impressed toddler laugh and smile :)

Caught on camera for the first time, Luca’s signature move: flop like a fish outta water

Same, buddy, same.

Richmond Wedding Photographer Mount Vernon Washington DC Trip_0036.jpg

And that was a wrap for the National Zoo! Naptime!

Richmond Wedding Photographer Mount Vernon Washington DC Trip_0037.jpg

After the zoo, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, one of our favorites to visit in DC! We didn’t take many pictures here and we were a little bummed that the exhibits with the Air Force stuff was closed but we toured around, Luca got to launch his own module into space on their simulated board and we picked up a F-16 toy for Luca! We stopped in Alexandria for some Japanese ramen and curry which was AMAZING and brought us back to Japan when I ate ramen for the first time.

It was a long and hot day but it was the best time and we had so much fun. Seeing Luca experience going to the zoo and seeing all the animals was so fun for us and I can’t wait for our next trip!

Shout out and a big thank you to my hubby for planning the most amazing trip and for taking photos. I don’t often get photos of myself and Luca so I love having those photos of the both of us riding the carousel and it’s one of my favorite memories (even if Luca looked less than impressed with the ride!)

This family trip was exactly what we needed and there were a few hiccups (mostly just getting Luca to SLEEP) but having some family time just having fun and leaving all work things behind was such a great feeling. I’m thankful for the time together and feeling a little more refreshed and ready to dive into my summer wedding season!

I can’t wait to see what adventures we go on next and if Luca will ever look impressed by anything ;)

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