Why I LOVE Dubsado

Last year, I jumped into this business owner game and I was so unprepared for EVERYTHING I would be handling. Some of them were the most basic client things! I was used to doing everything in good old fashioned paper and depositing checks or taking payments through PayPal. I had also signed up for a bridal show and I knew I was going to be getting in touch with a LOT of leads and booking some brides so that meant contracts, emails, invoices, payments. I knew it was time to invest in a CRM but there were SO many out there and not going to lie, I just couldn’t afford to purchase a bunch and test it out then move on to another one if it didn’t work for me.

So I researched A LOT. I signed up for a free trial and after a little learning curve, I jumped in! This CRM has changed my business COMPLETELY. I’m going to tell you why I love Dubsado and how it has made my business more EFFICIENT and client friendly!

I researched all the different CRM’s. Tave, Dubsado, 17 Hats, HoneyBook and more. Dubsado felt like the best fit for my business and I love the sense of community and how open the Dubsado team is!

The top 3 reasons why Dubsado changed the game for me

1. Easy contract and invoicing

It is so EASY with Dubsado to send my clients their contract and invoice! They can just click on the button in their emails and they can go right to signing, submit their payment and boom! It’s all done! No more chasing down lost pieces of papers, no payments getting lost in the mail or using PayPal since it’s an unreliable way to accept payments. I have Square setup in Dubsado to link to my bank and I don’t have to do ANYTHING!

2. more professional

I have had past brides and grooms compliment me on how clean and professional it was in their client portal and how the contracts, forms and invoicing were easy to navigate and even was personalized. Dubsado is so great with letting you customize your portals and all your forms. In my couples questionnaire, I have a small photo banner on it. My contracts have my logo at the top. Their client portals are customized with my branding so it doesn’t look generic!


I’m still working on making my workflow perfect but I love this feature. I have a lead capture form embedded in my website so when a potential bride fills it in and submits it, the information goes into Dubsado as a lead and it’s AMAZING! They get their own “profile” and I can send them emails from within dubsado itself. I can view leads at a glance and see what their status is, upgrade their status to “booked” and see what clients I have currently and in the past. I have all my frequently used emails in there so I can go into my workflow and when they reach a certain step, the workflow automatically sends it out for me! It automatically creates to-do’s for me like when I want to create a vendor gallery to send to wedding vendors, when I want to schedule my bride’s engagement session and to follow up a week before their scheduled engagement session with an email to help them prep for it. Without me having to remember to do it all! The automatic workflow itself is 100% worth it!

4. Bookkeeping capabilities

I’m not an accountant. I’m awful with numbers and I don’t enjoy the bookkeeping side of business. BUT Dubsado does it for me! It keeps tracks of my income, invoices and transactions! I can look at a glance and see what invoices are still open and if any payments are overdue (and my automatic workflow will sent an email to my client to remind them!) and shows my projected income coming in. I no longer have to create multiple Excel worksheets to keep track of this, Dubsado already does! Winning!  

5. Dubsado is always adding new features

I enjoy good customer service. I love great customer service. The BEST thing though is when a company listens to feedback and is constantly working to improve things to make their platform easier and more efficient for their users - and Dubsado does it! Within the year, they have added a scheduler. I don’t need a third party scheduler like Acuity for my clients to pick out their preferred date/time for mini sessions. They implemented Square auto-pay for invoices so my clients can just click auto-pay and boom, one less thing they have to remember when it’s time to make a 2nd or 3rd payment! Dubsado made it so I can add more form links in my emails which is perfect for when I book a new bride so I can send her links to her contract AND invoice all in one email instead of two. They LISTEN to feedback and are always ready to help. The community on Facebook is so helpful and the Dubs team are amazing!


I could really talk about Dubsado all day to anyone who’s thinking of taking the leap into a CRM. It really changed my business to be more efficient, client friendly and easier overall for business owners. You can take 20% OFF your first month HERE! Dubsado offers a free trial for up to 3 clients so you can get a feel for how Dubsado can work for you and your business!!

Do you have any Dubsado questions? Feel free to drop your question below!!

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