Bridal Show tips for the First Time Bride

This year, I am so excited to say that I will be a vendor at the Richmond Greater Virginia Bridal Show! I cannot wait for the show and to see everyone! It's February 18th at the Science Museum of Richmond's Dewey Gottwald Center and the Redskins Training Center right next door! I'll be inside the Redskins Training Center, booth 603! ;)

I remember as a bride, planning a wedding was so overwhelming! I attended a bridal show and I had so much fun! From my experience and as a photographer, here's a few tips for brides going to a bridal show.

MJ Mendoza Photography - Virigina Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Make pre-filled labels:

Bridal shows are fun but fast moving! There's so many vendors to see and things to look at. There's forms to fill out for entry, giveaways and more! What I wish I would've done my first time and something I've seen others do is: bring pre-filled labels! Many forms will be asking for your name, your fiance's name, your wedding date and email so it's really easy to have all of that information already ready on a sticky label! Think the envelope labels ;) It saves you a lot of time and a cramped hand from writing all your information down.

Bring a friend:

It's a lot of ground to cover and you know it's always more fun with more than one person. I brought my mom, my best friend and my sister with me to my first bridal show as a bride. It helped bringing them since my mom helped me make decisions on vendors and my best friend and sister pointed out things or vendors I just missed.

Wear comfy shoes:

Like mentioned above, it's a lot of ground to cover. You'll want to wear some flats or a comfy shoe!

Create a wedding email:

When I was wedding planning, I initially used my personal email. I got slammed with emails from the knot, wedding wire, vendors near and far, promos and sales. It flooded my personal inbox and it was hard to find a specific email among the many. I made an email just for wedding-related things and things went a lot smoother! It keeps all wedding things in one place so it's easy to find!

Take notes and pictures:

There's going to be a lot of vendors and just a lot of things going on. Take notes on vendors you connect with and want to follow up with. Taking photos of the booth helps remember who stood out to you. Take pictures during the fashion show! Lots of new designer gowns and you'll want to remember what styles you saw and loved while searching for the dress!

Have fun:

Seriously, you want to have fun! You're planning your wedding to the love of your life! Enjoy the cake and wine samples, laugh with your fiance or friend, have fun!