Why I Include a Second Photographer

Batman & Robin, Macaroni & Cheese, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner, Margaritas & Tacos… Unstoppable duos that make everything better. Just like your wedding photographer and their second photographer!

There’s a reason why the above duos are amazing and that’s because when they’re both together, magic happens and things automatically become a more fun and enjoyable experience. I always include a second photographer in my Wedding Experience for several different reasons that only turn out for the better for my couples! Here are a handful of reasons why I ALWAYS include a second photographer!

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Ben & Sophia - A Summer Maymont Wedding

A blush and beaded wedding dress, bridesmaids in shades of blues, rose gold accents, a horse drawn carriage ride? Sunday was a fairytale and I loved every minute of Sophia & Ben’s summer wedding at Maymont!

Sophia told me that it was going to be an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family to celebrate and it didn’t matter if there were less than 50 people there or over 200, these two had a beautiful day and the love between them was so evident at their heartfelt first look and as they exchanged vows in Maymont’s Italian Garden.

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Andrew & Haley - A Virginia State Capitol Engagement

Haley met me over FaceTime, both of us wearing tshirts and our hair in a bun. We joked that we were keeping it real and this couple didn’t tone down the joy they both had and the easy going attitude when they met me at the Captiol building after going to our backup plan!

It was perfect weather for their summer engagement this past Friday! We had scheduled it for the previous Friday but with me coming down sick and the temperatures above 110 that week, we pushed it back and we were well rewarded for it!

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Corey & Mary Ann - An Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club Wedding

A flash of lightning lit up the sky and a clap of thunder was close behind. Virginia weather can change in an instant and the sunny clear blue skies changed to a loud thunderstorm that passed over the ceremony area at Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, where Corey and Mary Ann were about to get married. The call was made to push back the ceremony time and we kept our eyes to the skies and the radar hoping the storm would leave just as quickly as it left and… it did!

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